Week #1- Leo's "Time-Line"

We were asked to show a "Time-Line" of events, medications, vaccinations and stressful situations in Leo's life. I began with "Pre-Conception" because I received a vaccine just months before becoming pregnant.

Mother worked in food industry and was required to accept Hep.B vaccine.

4 Ultra sounds during pregnancy. One of which was the 3D ultra sound.
There were several events associated with guilt from a break up, and added stress from working a full time job. There were several situations of humiliation and sadness as well.
Mother had dental work done, receiving metal fillings as well as ceramic (?) Mother was prescribed Zofran for nausea, Flexiril for muscle aches, and took OTC Beano for gas, and Tums for heartburn.

Normal but very quick labor and delivery. Leo had trouble "latching" so we used a pump. Was given Hep.B vaccine. Was circumcised.
Day released from hospital, Leo choked on a clear liquid and we returned to the hospital.
Continued to breast feed for at least 2 weeks but he was transitioned to Enfamil due to excessive gas and colic.

2 Months:
Was switched to Soy formula, but the effects were seen immediately as his colic became unbearable! So he was then switched to Alumentum formula brand due to excessive gas and colic. Was also prescribed Children's Zantac for gas, as well as OTC gas drops. The choking continued! At 6 weeks, he received DTaP, Polio, Hib, Hep B again, Pneum.Coonj., Rotavirus vaccines. 3/6/13

4 Months:
We sought advice from a G.I. and he prescribed a pre-digested formula available only through prescription called Elecare. We also introduced baby cereal at this time. The choking continued! I mention the choking because there were several occasions when Leo was unable to breathe, resulting in "blue face". (Doctors couldn't explain what was happening!)

9 weeks later:
he received DTaP, Polio, Hib, Hep B Pneum.Coonj., Rotavirus vaccines 5/15/13

6 Months:
Moved to another state. Began eating Gerber Baby Food. Choking continued!

8 Months:
Received DTaP, Polio, Hib, Hep B Pneum.Coonj. 9/25/13 and fluoride on the gums. Began eating table food and baby food alternations. Choking began to decline.

1 year:
Received DTap, Polio, Pneum.Coonj, MMR, Chickenpox, Hep.A and fluoride treatment on the gums 2/4/14. Transitioned from Elecare to Whole Milk, combination of table food and baby food continued. Zantac discontinued and choking further declined.

18 Months:
Began refusing certain table foods. Continued with baby food. Choking ceased.

19 Months:
Received DTaP, Hib Hep.A We refused the fluoride treatment. 8/27/14

2 years:
Continued to decline table food, reduced diet to just a few items.

2 1/2 years

Evaluated for Autism due to NO vocabulary- diagnosed mild-moderate on the spectrum. Began Speech/Occupational therapy.
Requested assistance from a Pediatric G.I. - was put under anesthesia for an upper gastrointestinal (UGI) endoscopy procedure. Results showed minor swelling. Was prescribed Omeprazole. Had caught a cold, was given baby Tylenol.

3 years:
Moved to another state, was forced to stay at friend's who's house was a challenge and very stressful. Moved to a temporary residence a month later, where the stress continued for a couple of months. Moved to our permanent residence where stress declined. Diet dwindled down to near nothing! Switched from Whole Milk to Half and Half to increase calories.

3 1/2 years:
Started Pre School and caught a cold, was given Benadryl, baby Tylenol and Children's Zyrtec. Discontinued Omeprazole. Switched from Half and Half to Coconut Milk to remove Dairy from his diet (He gets nutrition from Pedia-Sure shakes, unfortunately they contain some dairy) Began adding raw probiotics to his morning shakes.

Leo turned 4years old on Jan.7th

........  = Indicates Cleared By Homeopathic Remedies


  1. I think homeopathy is your only choice. I'll be following your and Leo's journey. I'm sure you will help so many others. Don't give up.

  2. Thanks for sharing Good Information